Windows 10 : 4 Reasons to Choose It

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Windows 10 Operating System |

Windows 10 : 4 Reasons to Choose It. In the late of 2014, Microsoft has released the latest Windows operating systems, called the Windows 10. This operating system has the improved feature than their past Windows 8. Most of the Windows users hope that the Windows 10 does not disappoint them, as the Windows 8 already disappointed them enough and did not become the main preference by most of the people.

So, what are the reasons that we should change our preference to Windows 10? Here are the 4 reason for you to choose the latest Windows operating system as the main preference of the computer operating systems. If you want to know what makes the Windows 10 best for you, then scroll down and read more below.


  1. Excellent Gaming Operating System

If you are a gamer and need the best operating system to support your gaming, then you just need to install the Windows 10. Why? Because Windows 10 is equipped with the latest DirectX, known as the DirectX12 that provides the improvised version of the graphics. Not only that, the Windows 10 added the “Game DVR” which enable you to record at least 30 seconds of your game. What do you think, gamers? It’s time to switch your operating system!


  1. The Cortana

Need something to remind you or assistant to choose what best for you when you still busy with your computer? No worries, Windows 10 have Cortana. Cortana is an application featured in the latest Windows operating system as your voice personal digital assistance. It assists you in reminding you appointment and schedule if you write in on your Windows note. Not only reminding, it helps you to find the items that you forgot to save or the files that you have no idea how it was written.


  1. Higher Security and Anti-Virus

The previous operating systems, the Windows 8 might have a difficult and confusing system, but for security, Windows 8 is better than Windows 7. Then there is Windows 10, the combination of Windows 7 in term of easy access, and Windows 8 in terms of security. Yes, the latest Windows operating system features secure boot like Windows 8. Secure boot is the application that makes any application you selected need codes to run. It is very effective to prevent any strangers to open your personal files.


  1. Improved Browser Application

Windows 10 is attached to the latest browser developed by Microsoft, called the Microsoft Edge. In the Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge will be your default browser as the substitution of the Internet Explorer. The searching speed of Microsoft Edge is very fast and it has the reading mode and improved version of the bookmark mode. That is the 4 reasons for you to choose the latest Windows operating system. Overall, the Windows 10 is still not as popular as the Windows 7, but the rate of people who used Windows 10 as their operating system is higher every year. If this is the case, then Microsoft only need to fix and improve the Windows 10 by adding some features and remove bugs in every Windows update.

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